University of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences offer studies in game development. The students are working and collaborating with the lab staff on a variety of projects, which are carefully selected according to the student’s individual interests and expertise.

Courses and events

Our curriculum includes annual seminars and courses on game development. We also provide additional courses dedicated to specific topics from game programming, graphics and animation. Our events include guest lecturers from the Finnish gaming industry on topics of:

– Game production

– Interactive storytelling

– Workshops on different topics

– Game Jams

Turku Game Lab and “Game History Collection” (with showcases of interesting devices and games from 1980’s and 1990’s) is located in ICT City (Joukahaisenkatu 3C, 20520 Turku).

C3030 – Open Game Development Environment and Demo Environment with the latest game platforms. This area functions as a meeting point for junior and senior developers to exchange ideas and collaborate in potential projects.

C3031 – Turku Game Lab classroom

C3032 – Turku Game Lab staff and research team where one can join as an intern in ongoing project or become a laboratory assistant.



University of Turku:

Algorithms for Computer Games 5 ECTS

Introduction to Game Development Tools 5 ECTS 

Multiplayer Computer Games 5 ECTS 

Project Course on Game Development 5 ECTS

Pelinkehityksen vierailuluentosarja 3 ECTS 

Interactive Storytelling 

For more information contact Prof. Jouni Smed (


Turku University of Applied Sciences:

Turku University of Applied Sciences offers degree programs in which you have the opportunity to study game development.

More information on

Insinööri (AMK), tieto- ja viestintätekniikka

Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology


If you are interested in internship or other opportunities contact directly:


Taisto Suominen

Laboratory Engineer

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Phone: +358449072053